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U.S. bans Visa Issuance to Nigerians

The United States Government in January 2020 issued an immigrant visa ban on Nigeria. According to the US, the visa ban was issued because Nigeria’s information-sharing and identity-management practices failed to meet the required standard. President Buhari to the consternation of Nigerians and without consultations, unilaterally announced a visa waiver for Africans visiting Nigeria, instructing visa issuance on arrival. This policy coming from the government that has shut its land borders to neighbouring countries and delayed signing of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is rather puzzling. Some of Nigeria’s immigration crises stem from its management of the National Passport issuance system, whose data and information system is said to be outside government management and control and left in the hands of consultants, whose activities and use of information collected are unclear. The government has announced that it has set up a committee to resolve the concerns raised by the United States government.


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