Laws of Nigeria

The Complete 2004 Laws of Nigeria

A Searchable Compendium


  1. What are the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria?

The Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) is an alphabetical compilation of laws operative in Nigeria that are regularly updated. The previous compilation was published in 1990. The current 2004 compilation was prepared under the authority of the Revised Edition (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) Act 2004. The Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 consists of 16 volumes. Each volume is made up of several statutes organised in an alphanumeric order.

  1. What years do the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria cover?

It contains duly revised and up-to-date statutes of the Federation of Nigeria as at 31 December 2002. However it should be noted that because the LFN 2004 has not been revised or updated, there are many Federal laws enacted after this date that have not been included in the compilation. It should also be noted that the laws in the LFN were enacted in different years before and after Nigeria’s independence even though they are all cited as “LFN 2004.”

  1. Where can laws passed after 2002 be found on PLAC website?

Laws that were passed after 31 December 2002 can be found on and

  1. Where can laws that are yet to be passed be found?
  Bills that are pending before the National Assembly and have been transmitted to the President can be found on

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